LS Design Corp - Grand Rapids, MI
  LS Design Corporation has been designing homes and light commercial projects in the greater Michigan area since 2004.  We are committed to the success of each project and strive to ensure that each customer receives the time and attention they deserve.
LS Design Corporation has designed over 50 entries for the Greater Grand Rapids Home Builders Asscociation parade of homes.  We have won numerous awards and our design work has been published in several magazines. We are excited to speak with you about your upcoming project, give us a call to chat about it.
Most Recent Photos - Click on photo to start slideshow.
2019 Spring Parade - Virtual Schollaart View1 2019 Spring Parade - Schollaart Windfield 2019 Spring Parade - Schollaart Summerset Villas 2019 Spring Parade - Eagle Creek 2019 Fall Parade - TS Builder Cedar West 2019 Fall Parade - Epique Honey Creek 2018 Fall Parade - Summerset Villas Tim Schollaart 2018 Fall Parade - Murray Lake Snowden Builders 2018 Spring Parade of Homes - Pine Lake  Schollaart 2018 Spring Parade of Homes - Legends Whitmore


"Designing Homes For Discerning Clients Since 2004"

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